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SolarPaces2019 - Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

Daily Program

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Tuesday 01/10 Wednesday 02/10 Thursday 03/10 Friday 04/10

08:00 Registration
09:00 Opening Session Room 325
Session details to be published soon
10:10 Coffee Break
10:40 CSP Market and Projects Room 325
World Bank MENA KIP Program Overview
Manuel Millan, World Bank
CSP from ACWA Power View
José Barragan Jimenez, ACWA Power International
CSP in Morocco
Hicham Bouzekri, Masen
Noor III 150 MW Molten Salt Tower: 1st Year of Commercial Operation
Sergio Relloso, SENER
CSP Technology and Industry Development in China
Fengli Du, China Solar Thermal Alliance
Delingha 50MW and Gonghe 50MW Project Status
Andy Zhao, SUPCON
Cerro Dominador Project Status
Fernando Gonzalez, Cerro Dominador
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Panel: CSP/PV Hybrids: The Future of CSP? Room 325
Chair: Mark Mehos, NREL
Hybridization of CSP with PV installations represents a growing trend within the CSP development community. What is the business case for such “hybrid” systems? What is the definition of a hybrid system and what configurations are currently under development or being considered for the future markets? What is the value proposition for grid operators and/or utility off-takers? A select group of experts will speak toward these questions, representing perspectives from technology vendors, developers, off-takers, and system modelers. Panelists: Mark Schmitz, TSK; Cristina Prieto, Abengoa; Abderrahim Jamrani, MASEN; Jose Barragan, ACWA Power; Michael Wagner, NREL;
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Panel: Flexible Market Environments for CSP Operation Room 325
Chair: Paul Gauché, NREL
The panel will focus on the boundary conditions, flexible markets impose on the operation of CSP plants. Due to the storage and backup power capacity of CSP plants it can be expected that they will play an important role as balancing power in electricity grids with high shares of volatile renewables. The panel shall highlight the commercial exploitation of the electricity produced in CSP plants. The speakers will report about todays and future market boundary conditions. Speakers from R&D will present which methods are developed to support the dispatching challenge. Panelists: Ana Carolina do Amaral Burghi, DLR; Johann Lilliestam, IASS-Potsdam; Hank Price, Solar Dynamics; Marcel Bial, ESTELA, Ricardo Renedo Williams, ENTSO-E
17:30 Poster Session 1 Grand Ballroom A
Thermoplate CST/CSP Receivers: A Dish-Based Prototype
Daniel Codd, University of San Diego
Smart Home System with the Raspberry Pi & Grove Pi Starter Kit
Yassine Mouradi, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University
Evaluation of Oxidation-Reduction Reaction of Ceria Using Electronic State Calculation
Takaki Nishimura, Kagawa University
IN-POWER Project: New Robust and Light Materials for Mirror Structure
Elena Torralba-Calleja, LEITAT Technological Center
A New Figure of Merit (FOM) for the Analysis of Selective Coatings
Ruben Barbero, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Analysis of the Uncertainty and Stability of ATMOS System for the Measurement of Atmospheric Attenuation of Solar Radiation at the Terrestrial Level
Ana Bernardos, CENER
Advanced Control System for a High Temperature Sodium Solar Receiver
Nicole Blinco, Vast Solar
Particle Lift Design for a Third Generation Falling Particle Receiver
Joshua Christian, Sandia National Laboratories
Thermal Storage and Fossil Backup Level Effect on a Central Receiver Power Plant
Daniel Costa, Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais
Making Central Receiver Plants Modular, More Efficient and Scalable
Luis Crespo, Protermosolar
Track-Mounted Heliostat
Christian Davila-Peralta, University of Arizona
Basic Engineering of a High Performance Molten Salt Tower Receiver System
Miriam Ebert, DLR
Material Compatibility Between Discrete Structures in a Particle Heating Receiver and Candidate Particulates
Abdelrahman El-Leathy, King Saud University
The Capability of a Novel Jet Impingement Heat Transfer Device for the Application in Future Solar Thermal Receivers
Derwalt Erasmus, Stellenbosch University
Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Drift Errors in a Solar Tower Facility with Tilt-Roll Tracking-Based Heliostats
Francesco Rovense, IMDEA Energy Institute
Installation and Testing of a Dense Particle Receiver Associated with a Hybrid Gas Turbine for the Next-CSP Project
Benjamin Grange, PROMES-CNRS
Potentially Confusing Coordinate Systems for Solar Tower Plants
Fabian Gross, sbp sonne GmbH
Design and Configuration of Solar Thermal Multi-Tower Field Layout
Peter King, Cranfield University
Effect of an External Electric Field on Free-Falling Polydisperse Particles in a Receiver
Apurv Kumar, Australian National University
Thermal Stresses in an Elliptical Tube for Solar Power Tower Receivers
Marta Laporte, University Carlos III of Madrid
Optimal Implementation of Scalable HeliOstat calibRation system (SHORT) in Large Heliostat Fields
Iñigo Les, CENER
Deep Learning Algorithms for Heliostat Field Calibration
Kai Wieghardt, DLR
Models of Transient Heat Transfer for Central Tower Receivers: A Review
Juliette Marti, Technical University of Madrid
Non-Uniformly Spaced Clips on Solar Central Receiver Tubes
Andrés Montoya, University Carlos III of Madrid
Using Finned Bayonet Tubes in External Molten Salt Receivers
Rafael Pérez-Álvarez, University Carlos III of Madrid
Detailed Process Simulation of Operational Transitions with a Molten Salt Receiver System
Christian Schwager, Solar-Institut Jülich
Air Entrainment Within the Particle Curtain in a Free Falling Receiver
Nima Sedaghatizadeh, University of Adelaide
Drop-C: The Drop-In, Ring-of-Power Heliostat: Azimuth Drive and Foundation Testing and Selection
Rick Sommers, Solar Dynamics
Development of a Tracking System for a Mini Heliostat
Ababacar Thiam, Alioune Diop University
A Novel Uniform Illumination on Receivers in Central Tower Systems Using Ray Tracing Approach
Sanjoy Chatterjee, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
Badaling Molten Salt Campaign with Dynamic Model
Li Xiao, EDF
The Partanna Project: A First of a Kind Plant Based on Molten Salts in LFR Collectors
Massimo Falchetta, ENEA
Lowering LCOE with Technical & Commercial CSP Paradigms
Jens Taggart Pelle, Aalborg CSP
Exergy Analysis and Experimental Study of a Novel Integrated Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermal System
Nikhil Gakkhar, Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Bio Energy
Modeling and Simulation of Parabolic Trough Collector Based Concentrating Photovoltaic Cooling System with Earth Liquid Heat Exchanger
Sanjeev Jakhar, Mody University of Science and Technology
Innovative Integrated Solar Receiver/Combustor Unit for Flexible Gas Turbine Based CSP
Cristina Blajin, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Fractal-Like Volumetric Receiver: Assessment of Radiation Propagation
Luca Pratticò, Sapienza University of Rome
Thermal Performance Analysis of Cylindrical Receiver in Dish System with Experimental Investigation
Yanping Zhang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Materials and Systems for Liquid Metal Based CSP 2.0
Wolfgang Hering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Minimal Movement Solar Concentrator of Segmented Heliostats and a Fresnel Lens for Sun Tracking Applications
Carlos Alejandro Ramírez Paredes, Universidad de Monterrey
Low-Cost Solar Electricity Using Stationary Solar Fields; Technology Potential and Practical Implementation Challenges to be Overcome. Outcomes from H2020 MOSAIC Project
Cristobal Villasante, IK4-TEKNIKER
Performance Analysis and Optimization of Particle/sCO2 Fluidized Bed Heat-Exchanger for Next Generation CPS
Mengda Jia, Tsinghua University
Optimal Chemical Composition of the Heat Transfer Fluid Using Commercial Chloride Salts for Gen3 CSP
Judith Vidal, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Modelling of the Three-Dimensional Distribution of the Irradiation in a Gradually Varied Porous Absorber
Pei Wang, Department of Renewable Energy, China
Feasibility Analysis of Smart Renewable Hubs in Non-Interconnected Island Power Systems: A Case Study for GRIDSOL
Mattia Baldini, Technical University of Denmark
Experimental Investigation of a Mini Hybrid CSP Plant Under Tunisian Climatic Conditions
Souha Ferchichi, Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis (ENIT)
Design, Installation and Experimental Tests of a Biomass System for a Small Hybrid CSP Plant
Amani Jmili, Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis (ENIT)
Hybrid CSP Biomass CO2-Gasification Process for Power Production: ASPEN Plus Simulation
Xinying Liu, University of South Africa
Development of Hybrid CSP Biomass Gasification Process with Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Cycle for Power Generation
Xinying Liu, University of South Africa
An Innovative Power Cycle for Hybridized Solar-Fuel Plants: The Integrated Solar Combined Cycle with Partial Recuperation
Antonio Rovira, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
An Innovative Power Cycle for Hybridized Solar-Fuel Plants: The Integrated Solar Combined Cycle with Recuperative Gas Turbine and Double Recuperative Double Expansion Propane Steam Cycle
Antonio Rovira, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
A Comparison Between Two Innovative Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Configurations and State-Of-The-Art Plants
Antonio Rovira, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Thermodynamic Performance of Solar Aided Coal-fired Power Generation (SACPG) System under Different Integration Modes
Junjie Wu, Nanjing Institute of Technology
Thermodynamics Study of a Solar Hybrid Allam Cycle Integrated with Methane Reforming
Cheng Xu, North China Electric Power University
Thermal Performance Evaluation of Non Vacuum Tube CPC Type Receiver for Linear Fresnel System: Experimental Characterization and Numerical Assessment
Yousra Filali Baba, École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers Meknes (ENSAM)
Modeling, Design and Performance Study of Linear Fresnel Plant: Application in Sahelian Rural Areas
Ababacar Thiam, Alioune Diop University
Fast Coupled Optical and Thermal Model for a Trapezoidal Fresnel Solar Collector
Freddy Ordóñez, Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN)
19:00 Welcome Reception

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